The Polaris RZR 800 is a great machine, and it blew up the side x side market as well as making Polaris once again a major player in the ATV industry. Just think how much different it is at our favorite ATV riding spots from 10 years ago. You would maybe see a handful of side x sides but mostly all ATV's. Now side x sides have taken over. The whole industry has changed.

Polaris UTV's have always been popular, but remember when the best Polaris sport four wheeler was the Predator 500? RZR 800 rebuild kits are one of the most popular ones we sell and for good reason. There are a ton of them out there and they are fun as heck to drive! What's even more interesting about the RZR is that it performs so well and is so popular despite the dated push rod motor it has. Polaris really went big with the XP900 and XP1000. What incredible machines!

I don't have it anymore, but my last side x side was an XP900 and I really loved that vehicle. Polaris has definitely moved to the front of the line with their side x sides. Yes I am partial to Polaris. The biggest question created by Polaris' rise to the top of the side x side industry is this - Why hasn't Yamaha come up with a competing vehicle?  What are they waiting for?  What do you think?


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