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How to get the best ATV SXS cylinder head studs for your off road vehicle

Posted by Chloe Rogers on
How to get the best ATV SXS cylinder head studs for your off road vehicle
Are Titanium studs stronger than Chomoly?  Chromoly vs Titanium studs - Which is better?  ARP Chromoly head studs and stud kits, made from very high strength heavy duty 4130 Chromoly steel, have been popular ATV, side x side, and dirt bike cylinder head studs for a while.  I am going to tell you why Titanium or Titanium Alloy studs are better.  First, we do not use pure Titanium.  We use Ti-6AI-4V Titanium alloy, which is much, much stronger than pure Titanium. Our studs are made using a "rolled threads" machining process and they are heat treated, which makes them even stronger.  Ti-6 has an ultimate tensile strength of 1000 Mpa compared to Chromoly at 760 Mpa.  It holds it's strength up to 1000 F (a typical ATV engine runs at around 200 F).  So our Titanium head studs are made from the strongest form of Titanium available.  But isn't Titanium more brittle and easier to stretch than Chromoly?  Yes it is, but Titanium alloy is nowhere near brittle enough to break when use in an off road vehicle!  BOTH materials are unquestionably more than strong enough to not break or stretch when use for any high compression or turbo powersports application, so that is not really relevant.  Titanium alloy is HALF THE WEIGHT of Chromoly, it is exponentially more resistant to corrosion than Chromoly, and when you add these factors to the ones previously discussed above, Titanium Alloy Ti-6 is the BETTER material to use.  In fact we are so sure of this we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY* on all of our Titanium stud kits!  Get yours today!

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