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Banshee Cheetah DM Super Cub Heavy Duty 8 Eight Plate Drag Clutch Kit Pack



This is an 8 plate drag clutch kit for the Yamaha Banshee.  It will work with all size engines and is a must for drag racing.  It will fit under the stock clutch cover.  We use heavy duty fibers intended for street bike use.  These give your clutch more pop and last longer.  Everything is new in the original packaging and the manufacturer's warranty applies*.

Banshees are one of our specialties so contact us for all your Banshee needs!  We stock more Banshee motor parts than any other seller on eBay!

Please check your order thoroughly when you receive it and contact us if you have any issues at all.  If you are not 100% happy with what you receive you are welcome to return it for a full refund, not questions asked!  Thanks!!

*We recommend that this kit be installed by a qualified mechanic with experience working on these types of motors.  Warranty does not cover any failure that is a result of improper installation, improper tuning, improper break in, or misuse.  For any warranty to be considered the part(s) in question must first be sent to us for inspection.  We do not warranty parts based on phone calls or photos alone.