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06-12 Raptor 700 700R Crank Cases 105.5 Big Bore Stroker Complete Rebuild Kit


Compatible Vehicles
Submodel Year Make Model
YFM700RSE Special Edition 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSE Special Edition 2011 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSE Special Edition 2010 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSE Special Edition 2009 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700R 2008 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSP Special Edition 2008 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSP2 Special Edition II 2008 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700R 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSE Special Edition 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSE2 Special Edition II 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RYR GYTR Edition 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700R 2006 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700RSP 50th Anniversary Edition 2006 Yamaha Raptor 700
YFM700R 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R
YFM700RW Custom Graphics 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R
YFM700R 2011 Yamaha Raptor 700R
YFM700R 2009 Yamaha Raptor 700R


 Set of NEW OEM crankcases 
 NEW 105.5mm cylinder
 Wiseco CP or JE forged piston**
Hi temp piston rings
Chrome wristpin
 Hotrods +5mm stroker crank with rod assembled
 Main bearings - one comes on crank
Transmission bearings
Shift cam bearings
 Counter balancer bearings
 Water pump bearing
Clutch roller bearing
Water pump impeller with shaft
Water pump mechanical seal
Valve stem seals
 Complete gasket kit
105.5mm Cometic head gasket
 Complete crankcase oil seal kit
Aftermarket oil pump
 Clutch kit - fibers steels springs
 Timing chain
Stud kit

Many other mods like exhaust, throttle body, fuel controller, and more are required to use this kit and piston runs on pump or race gas. Everything is new in the original packaging and the original manufacturer’s warranty applies***.

**Products we sell: At bpracingatv our kits come with the same brand name parts (in many cases they are better) as other rebuild kits you see online but we always include items no one else does.  We stock the exact same parts from different companies so that when back orders occur we have an alternate part to send that is the same quality.  This would be the ONLY reason your order might be slightly different when it arrives.  We have bulk pricing available for every item we sell.  Just let us know how many you need!

Returns: Please check your order completely right when you receive it and let us know immediately if there is an issue, that way we can fix it for your ASAP.  We accept returns within the first 30 days for orders sent back 100% complete and all parts brand new, never installed or prepped for installation, in the original packaging.  Parts that do not meet these requirements are not refundable.

***Warranty: We stand behind all parts we sell 100%.  If after installation there is an issue contact us for a warranty return authorization.  We ALWAYS STRONGLY recommend parts be installed by a qualified, experienced mechanic.  Warranty does not cover failure that is a result of improper installation, tuning, break in, or misuse.  For any warranty to be considered the part(s) in question must first be sent back to us for inspection.  We do not warranty parts not installed correctly nor do we warranty parts based on phone calls, photos, or another mechanic's assessment alone

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