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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are back and shipping orders as fast as we possibly can! Thank you for your patience and understanding. - BPRATV TEAM 🎇🧨
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are back and shipping orders as fast as we possibly can! Thank you for your patience and understanding. - BPRATV TEAM 🎇🧨

03-05 Yamaha YZ450F YZ 450F KIBBLEWHITE Top End Piston Kit Valves & Cylinder Kit

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Race-Ready Top End Rebuild Kit for the 2003-2005 Yamaha YZ450F

Take your YZ450F to the next level with this complete top end rebuild kit from the experts at Kibblewhite. This kit has everything you need to refresh your top end and unlock more power and durability from your YZ450F.

  • FITS 2003-2005 YZ450F
  • Full piston, rings, clips and pin assembly designed for high-RPM power
  • Black Diamond intake and exhaust valves for 2X more durability
  • Lightweight titanium retainers and springs for high-lift cams
  • Top quality gaskets and seals made by COMETIC for a leak-free rebuild
  • BPRATV Aftermarket 95mm Stock Bore Nikasil Cylinder (1 Year Warranty)
  • All OEM-spec parts made to bolster engine performance

This complete kit will breathe new life into your YZ450F with durable, high-flowing valves, a precision forged piston, and components designed to hold up to the rigors of racing. The Black Diamond stainless steel valves significantly increase durability compared to stock titanium valves without sacrificing airflow or performance.

The domed piston shape maintains compression while minimizing mass for quicker revs. Paired with the lightweight valve spring kit, your engine will sing at high RPMs longer thanks to reduced valvetrain weight. The nickel-carbide plated cylinder is honed to the perfect size for easy installation and long life. 

Whether you ride for fun or race competitively, this Kibblewhite top end kit will transform your YZ450F into a high-revving, strong-running machine. The quality components are made to take your Honda's performance to the next level on the track or trails.

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