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The Banshee Cub Alpha Cylinder Is Here

Posted by BP Racing on
The Banshee Cub Alpha Cylinder Is Here

The ALPHA CUB cylinder is here and it is going to revolutionize the Yamaha Banshee. 

This cylinder is stock bore, stock stroke, works with OEM head, crank, and carbs, NO MODS REQUIRED! 

The Alpha Cub will last forever, and we mean that.  You will be six feet under and this cylinder will still be working.  No more boring, re-sleeving, or replacing your cylinders.

The Alpha Cub is made right here in the US by CP Industries.  It has all of the features that the popular Cheetah Cub cylinders have, same ports, same design, but all you have to do is re-jet your carbs to use it!  We actually had the cylinder made with the same port height as a Serval Cub.  That means more bottom end and mid range power while still having tons of HP at the top!  This all aluminum cylinder is nikasil coated by Millennium Technologies.  The cylinder comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY* as well.  Simply put this cylinder is lightyears ahead of any stock replacement cylinders, and we are including genuine OEM Yamaha cylinders.  It will last longer and perform better than any stock replacement cylinders you could ever find, guaranteed.  This amazing cylinder is only available at BP Racing ATV.  Order right here online or call 909-782-8012!  These are very hard to keep in stock so order yours fast before they run ot!

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