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02+ YZ85 YZ 85 YZ-85 Stock Bore Cylinder 47.50mm Complete Top End Rebuild Kit


Compatible Vehicles
Submodel Year Make Model
-- 2021 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2020 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2019 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2018 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2017 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2016 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2015 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2014 Yamaha YZ85
Team Yamaha 2014 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2013 Yamaha YZ85
Team Yamaha 2013 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2012 Yamaha YZ85
Team Yamaha 2012 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2011 Yamaha YZ85
Team Yamaha 2011 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2010 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2009 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2008 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2007 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2006 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2005 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2004 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2003 Yamaha YZ85
-- 2002 Yamaha YZ85

Aftermarket stock bore cylinder
Wiseco Racer's Elite forged piston
Nitrite coated hi temp piston rings
Chrome wristpin
Wristpin bearing
Top end gasket kit
Maxlock head stud kit with nuts
Cylinder to case Maxlock allen drive studs
Cylinder to case dowel pins

Everything is new in the original packaging.  We are an authorized distributor and the original manufacturer’s warranty applies*.  PRICES AND LISTINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE.


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**Products we sell: At BPRATV we sell parts from the best names in the industry.  Unless otherwise stated, we will put the quality of the parts we sell up against anything you see online or elsewhere.  We also stock the same parts from different manufacturers so that when back orders occur like they have been for the last year we have an alternate part to send that is the same quality.  This would be the ONLY reason your order might be slightly different when it arrives.  We NEVER sub a cheaper part EVER without contacting you and offering you a partial refund.  If you want a certain brand part just ask (if part is back ordered this may cause a delay on your order)!

 Returns: Please check your order completely when you receive it and contact us if there is an issue.  99% of problems can be easily solved without returning the entire order.  CONTACT US FIRST PLEASE.  If you do need to return your order we accept them in the first 30 days from purchase.  Any part or kit returned must be sent back to us 100% complete, every part big and small, and they all must be brand new and sealed in the original packaging.  Once a part has been opened, prepped for install, or installed it is not eligible for a refund. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure parts are returned in the same condition as when they left our facility.  For more info about returns see the eBay Return Policy. 

 *Warranty: Unless otherwise stated we stand behind all the parts we sell 100%.  If after installation there is an issue contact us for a warranty return.  This product is NOT DIY.  Over 99% of people in the world are not qualified to build an engine.  It requires special tools and has to be done exactly right.  Not close to right, exactly right.  We ALWAYS STRONGLY recommend parts be installed by a qualified, experienced mechanic. STUD WARRANTY: If for any reason a stud fails during use, not installation, we will send an entire new stud kit.  No other parts or any labor are included, and it can not be converted to a refund or discount on any order.  ALPHA CUB WARRANTY: If your Alpha Cub cylinder fails for any reason not related to installation, tuning, break in, or misuse we will fix the cylinder free of charge.  If it can not be fixed we will supply you with a new one.  It must be sent to us for inspection, and Millennium Technologies will determine if the cylinder is repairable. WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER ANY FAILURE THAT IS A RESULT OF IMPROPER INSTALLATION, TUNING, BREAK IN, OR MISUSE. THE PERSON INSTALLING AND TUNING THE PARTS HAS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING SURE THEY WORK CORRECTLY.  OR ANY PART, NO MATTER WHAT, TO BE CONSIDERED FOR WARRANTY IT MUST BE SENT TO US FOR INSPECTION, NO EXCEPTIONS.  WE DO NOT WARRANTY ANYTHING BASED ON PHONE CALLS, PHOTOS, EMAILS, WHAT YOU READ ONLINE, OR WHAT ANOTHER MECHANIC SAYS IS THE ISSUE ALONE.  WE HAVE A VERY GOOD WARRANTY PROGRAM BUT THERE IS A PROCESS AND IT MUST BE FOLLOWED.

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